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Loose talk


The Ithaca Journal
. the Voice of Tomkins County, belatedly weighs in on Hincheygate:

It is important to get to the bottom of things, but it is also important for public officials not to peddle half-baked theories with little supporting evidence.

So far so good. Unfortunately, the editors then go on to affirm their solidly pro-Democrat credentials by means of an out-of-left field comparison of Hinchey's remarks to the Iraq WMD issue:

In comparison with the Iraq debacle, Hinchey's recent remarks were definitely no harm/no foul. Yet both instances illustrate why it is important for our leaders to be sure of information before they present it to their constituents. Most people still trust their leaders to tell them the truth and make life and death decisions based on what they say.

As Ross Perot would say, I won't even dignify that with a comment.

Meanwhile Kingston, New York's Daily Freeman reports that Rep. Hinchey has issued a clarification (of sorts):

Hinchey said he did not believe he was being irresponsible by publicly theorizing about the matter. He said he owed it to his constituents to let them how he thinks.

"I have a responsibility to report (my theories) to my constituents and tell them conclusions or ideas that I am working on or believe based upon my analysis and interpretation of the facts," Hinchey said Monday.

Yet another clarification appears in The Poughkeepsie Jounal:

Hinchey said Wednesday he never accused Karl Rove, Bush's top political adviser, of being behind the bogus documents and has no proof of that. But he believes it nonetheless. "My suspicion and my theory is that it's likely to be the White House political operation headed up by Karl Rove," Hinchey said. "The proof is circumstantial."

One wonders what would that circumstance would be.

That Karl Rove exists? That Terry McAuliffe said it was true?

After all, if you're of member of the "reality-based community," what more proof do you need?

[New York Post graphic by Cranky Neocon 09-21-04]

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Ya gotta admire Rove's public spirit. With that kind of raw power, he could become a billionaire practically overnight.

It must be a real rush to be omnipotent.

Posted by: Gary | Feb 24, 2005 2:48:35 PM

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