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Prayers for Dean Barnett


I was saddened to discover this post from Captain Ed Morrisey:

So often in this business, we become friends with people whom we’ve never met face to face.  That’s certainly true of Dean Barnett of the Weekly Standard.  I’ve long admired his writing, and Dean has always been kind enough to request me as a guest whenever he guest hosts for Hugh Hewitt. He calls me his “crazy uncle”, a humorous reference to Jeremiah Wright.

My friend Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson tells me that Dean has had to be admitted to the hospital and is currently in the ICU with a terrible attack of his cystic fibrosis.  I’d like to ask Hot Air readers for their prayers for my friend and his family.  I know they will appreciate the support.

I’ll update you as I hear more.

I've known Dean since his Soxblog days, before his collaboration with Hugh Hewitt and The Weekly Standard. Like Captain Ed, I've never met him face to face, though we've talked on the phone and corresponded on and off over the past four years. He's one of the most decent, intelligent people I've met in the blogosphere.

Dean once wrote:

As I grew sicker, I had what for me was an extremely comforting insight. I came to view serious and progressive illness as an ever constricting circle with oneself at the center. The interior of the circle represents the contents of one’s life. As the circle gets smaller, things that were inside get forced out. Some of these things are dearly missed; others that were once thought precious get forced to the exterior and turn out to go surprisingly unlamented.

At the innermost point of the circle are the things that really matter: family, faith, love. These things stay with you until the day you die. At the very end, because the circle has shrunk down to its center, they’re all you have left. But as we approach that end, we finally realize that all along, they were what mattered most. As a consequence, life often remains beautiful and worthwhile right up until the end.

I profoundly hope this isn't the end, and that Dean will live to blog another day.

Please join me in praying for him.

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll, The Anchoress, Baseball Crank, Goat, Frank J., Bookworm, Kathy Shaidle, Little Green Footballs, McQ and Lorie Byrd have thoughts on Dean. So does the great Mark Steyn.

For those of you who've never seen Dean, here he is talking about suitcase nukes on FOXnews. (And if that got you wondering about suitcase nukes, here's Dean's TownHall post on the subject.)

Here's Dean's most recent interview with Hugh Hewitt, talking about the first presidential debate.

Another recent interview here.

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