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Dumb and dumber


Jay Cost of the Horserace Blog—the smartest poll watcher of the bunch—has little good to say about the MSM coverage of last evening's balloting:

You have CNN, CBS, ABC and the AP calling Nevada for Bush, but not calling Ohio for Bush.

Meanwhile, you have NBC and Fox calling Ohio for Bush, but not calling Nevada for Bush.

All of this amounts to a cheap ploy by all parties to keep the race from being called. Why? Because Kedwards refuses to concede … this is unprecedented. The networks are bowing to a campaign.

You know why this is a cheap ploy? Because they are not doing the same thing in Pennsylvania. PA cast more votes than OH, and Kerry's margin of victory is less than Bush's margin in OH. But they sure as hell are keeping PA on Kerry's board.

Shame on them. Shame on all of them. What lousy coverage tonight (Fox's was atrocious!). What lousy exit polls, what stupid, slavish reliance on these exit polls in the early part of the evening. What generally inane babbling from start to finish. Nobody in the MSM had a single decent thing to say all year. They spent their time pondering the effects of "new voters," of the Redskins loss yesterday, of Kerry's picture at NASA. They paraded campaign flack after campaign flack, peddling nothing but the same empty talking points, every hour on the hour -- and chalked it up to "analysis" or "debate." They had nothing intelligent or insightful to say about anything for 13 months. They slavishly paid attention to polls with bad methodology, and poll "averages" that were not even close to it. What a puffed up, egotistical bunch of dunderheads. They had their heads up their you-know-what since the Dean "phenomenon," and though this denouement disgusts me, it does not surprise me.

What a cheap, cheap ploy at the end of the race. It caps off what I believe to be just a generally pathetic coverage of this horserace. I cannot express how despicable I find this whole thing.

The bottom line on Nevada: all the precints are in. It is not an issue of projection. Fox and NBC just will not call it because it would mean they would call the whole race for Bush. Meanwhile, the guy won the popular vote by 3.56 million votes. My guess is that Fox's motivation is different from the rest of the MSM. They just don't want to be first to call it for Bush.

This is just disgusting.

In 2000, the networks screwed up an admittedly-tight race by calling states too early. Now they've screwed up a clear Bush victory by refusing to call states at all.

As John Kerry might ask: Which is worse?

Posted by Rodger on November 3, 2004 at 11:27 AM | Permalink


Is it really necessary , except for drama, to project the winner? For too many election cycles, this has caused problems, not just this election. How about maintaining the standard TV schedule until ALL the polling places are closed and real vote counts begin to come in. I know political junkies would hate it but which is more important, a race unaffected by some type of manipulation or watching TV from 6AM to whatever, when everything said(which doesn't have an actual effect on the electin) is just hot air.

Posted by: augustr | Nov 3, 2004 5:55:04 PM

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