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Don't shoot the piano player


One of my first posts on this blog, "John Kerry, rock 'n' roll wannabe," received a comment today from Jack Radcliffe, The Electras' former piano player:

As the piano player in The Electras, I can attest to the fact that not only does Kerry not rock today—he didn't rock 42 years ago.

Harsh words from a member of Senator Kerry's original "band of brothers," but Jack's a working musician who clearly knows his craft.

The liner notes for The Electras' eponymous album describe him as "a madcap pianist from New Bedford, Mass., who can play anything from Tchaikovsky to Jerry Lee Lewis (were he to give a recital he would probably do just that) without batting an eye, and the possessor of a musical imagination so feverish it must be experienced to be believed." (How's that for piling on?)

Today "Ragtime Jack" is back on the road, playing ragtime, stride and blues piano all over New England. You can check out his web site here. It's got a number of blues and early jazz CDs (plus, of course, the original Electras album) and a complete calendar of tour dates. (You can also apply here to be one of Jack's roadies.)

Don't know about you, but I'm definitely planning to add him to my playlist.

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