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The People's Choice?


Yes, he won.

But two things should be noted:

  1. As Joe Gandelman points out, it was the first time the People's Choice Awards relied on online voting instead of Gallup.
  2. Every online poll in the past year—from Zogby to Wizbang's 2004 Blog Awards—has been gamed by the left.

Why should we have expected anything different this time around?

(As Kevin Aylward—who had the misfortune of running the 2004 Blog Awards—says, "by people they mean online poll cheaters.")

Posted by Rodger on January 10, 2005 at 08:22 AM | Permalink


And I suppose Michael Moore paid thousands of people to attend opening screenings to make it top grossing film opening weekend.
He never needed the Peoples Choice award to know the support he had. Theatre receipts proved that. Anyone who doesn't see the support he had from millions tired of lies that cost the lives of thousand should be nominated for Peoples Coice for Stupidity and I nominate you!!!

FROM THE BLOGDESK: I'm honored to accept your "coice" (especially coming from someone who obviously knows stupidity so well) and, like Michael Moore, take it as an invitation to make more posts just like this one.

Posted by: None | Jan 11, 2005 11:47:42 AM

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