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The Stoffel videos keep coming


Dale Stoffel's laptop has yielded yet more images and documents—in a new video (Rafidan4.wmv) released by the so-called Mujahideen Central Command.

As with the two previous videos (Rafdan2.wmv and Rafidan3.wmv), there are also exhibits, which our Mujahideen friends have conveniently packaged in a downloadable .pdf file (r4.Document.pdf).






A series of photographs in the video suggests that Stoffel may have been in Iraq, at least in part, to fulfill his contract to procure Soviet-made X-31 (also known as KH-31) missiles for Boeing's McDonnell Douglas division. (A lawsuit arose out of the contract in 2003; it was settled in September of 2004 and the file sealed by U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber in St. Louis.)

An identification card in the video would indicate that Stoffel's company, CLI Corporation of Canonsburg, PA, was a subcontractor to Laguna Construction Company of Laguna, NM, which received an $19.5 million contract in March of last year to repair and upgrade the Iraqi Ministry of Defense building.

The new video also features a cameo appearance by the elusive Raymond Zayna, a Lebanese businessman whom The Los Angeles Times named as the intermediary for the Stoffel's contract with the Iraqi Defense Ministry. (Can Mohammed abu Darwish be far behind?)

(By the way, if Dale Stoffel was a CIA case officer, as the Mujahideen seem to believe, he was a very poor one to have left so much unencrypted data lying around on his laptop.)

Here's the transcript of the video as translated by the indefatigable Dijla Waheed.

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am telling you ..
this resistance is nothing but the second chapter of the war ! you can see very clearly that it has been prepared long before the Gulf War 3 started !

my God be with them !

Posted by: ammar | Jul 20, 2005 8:14:06 AM

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