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Costner speculation goes mainstream



The story I mentioned a week or so ago regarding a certain "A list" actor—whom I was the first in the blogosphere to suggest was likely Kevin Costner—is starting to pose something of a problem for the individual in question, having leaked from sites like Tim Worstall's and my own into such major gossip mills as Gawker and Defamer.

Consequently, it's now become a news story in its own right.

George Rush and Joanna Molloy's "Daily Dish" column in The New York Daily News reports:


Kevin Costner's camp is vigorously denying that the Field of Dreams star engaged in sexual self-gratification in front of a horrified masseuse at a posh Scottish golf resort.

This week, London's Daily Mirror reported an unnamed 34-year-old massage therapist's claim that an "American A-list actor" had "dropped his towel" and performed a "'disgusting' act in front of her."

The woman, who said the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland dismissed her after she complained about the incident, told a labor tribunal that the actor "kept putting his hand underneath his towel," and that, when she began to massage his head, he "grabbed her wrist forcefully, whipped off his towel [and] exposed himself," according to the Mirror. The paper reported that the masseuse had been tempted to tell the actor's wife, another massage client, of his alleged "abuse."

Gossip blogs, including Gawker.com, were quick to speculate that the actor was Costner. Gawker reported that the star is a friend of Herb Kohler, who owns the hotel. Costner and his wife Christine spent their honeymoon there in 2004.

But Costner's rep, Paul Bloch, told us: "We find it unfortunate that Mr. Costner's name has been brought into what is essentially a dispute between a company owned by a good friend of his and a former employee—and that it would tarnish what was a wonderful time spent at this resort with his wife."

A friend of Costner contended, "He's being set up. I think this woman's lawyer is using his name to put pressure on his friend to settle."

For what it's worth, I've heard nothing from Paul Bloch or anyone in Costner's camp.

A week ago, I sent the following email to Natalie A. Black, the Kohler Corporation's senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary (who also happens to be the wife of the company's chairman and the person who allegedly terminated the Old Course Spa's massage therapist):

It would seem that some unwelcome publicity about you and your company has somehow leaked into the British blogosphere.

I suspect it won't take long for the tabloids to start putting two and two together, and realize that, in sacking the unfortunate masseuse, you were acting to protect the star of Open Range. (Didn't I catch your husband in that picture too, by the way?)

One weblog already has already made the connection.

I would have thought that a generous cash settlement to the young lady in question would have been better advised than a termination, but—who knows?—perhaps there's still time to put matters to right.

I welcome your thoughts on the subject.

I've had no response from Mrs. Kohler either—though I must say it was generous of Paul Bloch to confirm the fact that his client is a "good friend" of the Kohler family.

No doubt the silence from the Costner and Kohler camps stems from a desire to add as little fuel to the fire as possible.

Whether that public relations strategy proves successful, only time will tell.

At least one gossip blog, however, seems satisfied by Mr. Bloch's denial.

UPDATE: This item appears on the Morning Madhouse website of the popular New Zealand radio station The Edge FM:

A hotel masseuse has been fired after she told tales on one of her celebrity clients. She claims that Kevin Costner came in for a massage and played with himself while she was rubbing him!

She said; "I asked Mr. Costner how he liked his massage. He told me he liked it 'sweet'. ‘He asked if I was comfortable touching him everywhere, and I said 'No'. Throughout the massage, he kept putting his hand under his towel. Then he forcefully grabbed my wrist, whipped off the towel, and pleasured himself". She told her boss and he fired her for being disrespectful.

Kevin Costner’s peeps deny it.

I guess the Kiwis aren't terribly worried about the "legal reasons" for which the "A-list celebrity" can't be named.

Just remember, though, you read it here first.

UPDATE: Australia's Daily Telegraph has an even more detailed account of the story, also naming Costner directly:

Star 'exposed himself'

From correspondents in Edinburgh
From: The Daily Telegraph

ACTOR Kevin Costner has been forced to deny he engaged in sexual self-gratification in front of a horrified masseuse at an elite Scottish golf resort.

The masseuse, who is suing the Old Course Hotel, at St Andrews, for unfair dismissal, claims the Hollywood star performed a "disgusting" sex act in front of her while he was honeymooning there in 2004.

She says Costner dropped his towel after asking her if she would "touch him everywhere".

But Costner's spokesman, Paul Bloch, yesterday accused the woman of using the star's name to get more money out of the resort's owner, a good friend of Costner.

The 34-year-old masseuse, who alleges unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination, gave Costner two massages.

She told a tribunal that on the first occasion, the actor touched her on the back "in a blatant move" and told her he smoked cannabis because "it made him more creative".

The next day, "He asked if he had made me feel uncomfortable by touching me the day before, but I said no, I was a professional and you learn to live with difficult clients.

"I asked how he liked his massage, and he said he liked it 'sweet'.

"I thought it was a strange term to describe a massage.

"He asked me if I was comfortable touching him everywhere, and I said 'No'.

"Throughout the massage, he kept putting his hand under his towel, but never kept it there long enough for me to suspect anything."

The woman told the tribunal that as she moved to massage Costner's head, he grabbed her arm and whipped off his towel, exposing himself and performing a lewd act.

"I threw tissues at him and stormed out of the room. It was disgusting," she said.

"Even though he's a Hollywood star, I can't believe he thought he could get away with it. He abused me, and I consider that a criminal act."

The masseuse told the tribunal she had been traumatised by the incident.

Costner a secret stoner? I guess that would explain Waterworld and The Postman.

UPDATE: The HotelChatter blog unearths a fascinating 2004 article from InTouch magazine on "The Top 10 Celebrity Honeymoon Hotspots." It describes Mr. and Mrs. Costner's favorite honeymoon hotspot as—you guessed it—the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews.

"It’s a magical place,” says Kevin. “When the sun comes out, it’s really beautiful.” But he insists they didn’t spend every waking moment on the green: “Let’s just say we didn’t play golf all the time!"

(Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

The article also notes: "There’s also a spa that specializes in relaxing three-hour 'rituals.'"

But some patrons evidently perfer to enjoy their own little rituals.

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Noted in the UK papers yesterday that it has been confirmed to be Costner.

Posted by: Tim Worstall | Apr 28, 2006 7:00:57 AM

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