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I can see clearly now


Good news on multiple fronts this morning:

  • David Ignatius marches out of step with his WaPo masters in finding a renewed spirit of national unity in Iraq. "There has been so much bad news out of Iraq lately that you have to pinch yourself when good things seem to be happening. But there are unmistakable signs here this week that Iraq's political leaders are taking the first tentative steps toward forming a broad government of national unity that could reverse the country's downward slide."
  • The Pentagon releases the first set of declassified documents of the former Saddam Hussein regime, captured by coalition forces during the early months of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Expect much of the conventional wisdom about the war (e.g., no al Qaeda connection, no WMD) to be challenged by this new information. The download site is here.
  • The New York Times finally figures out what Republicans learned eight years ago—namely, that the censure/impeachment path is a big loser politically. But it may be too late for the Democrats to reverse the damage.
  • The President issues a new national security strategy that reaffirms the doctrine of preemptive war. It also moves Iran to the top of the threat list. This will give the mullahs something to mull over.

All in all, a bright sunshiny day for the forces of moral clarity and resolve.

Carry on.

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