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About those "blogs" …


The AP's Ben Feller has a story today about President Bush's reference (in a speech before the National Cattlemen's Beef Association) to the Fadhil brothers' blog, Iraq the Model.

Although it's nice to see Iraqi bloggers finally get the credit they deserve for reporting news the MSM won't touch, for me the real interest of the story was this description—plainly for the benefit of those just back from a five-year field study of titan beetles in the Amazon—of the blogosphere:

Blogs are Web sites that tend to be narrow in focus and directed at a niche audience. Most operate without editors and give instant reaction to the news. Their freewheeling, open nature makes them popular but also ripe for unverified statements.

Is it fair to describe, say, Glenn Reynolds' or Hugh Hewitt's readers as a niche audience? And most bloggers strike me as considerably more eclectic in their interests than their MSM counterparts. Did the reporter actually bother to look at some blogs to verify his claims? Or is he just relying on what he reads in, say, Editor & Publisher? What's more, if both the audience and subject matter of blogs are so narrow, how can Mr. Feller also describe them as popular? (Maybe his editor, like so many nowadays, was asleep at the switch.)

All in all, the curious little digression put me in mind of a Dr. Evil monologue. You can almost see the finger quotes around the words "blogs" and "Web."

Somewhere in a secret underground newsroom, an editor is crying: "Throw me a frickin' bone here … I'm the boss! I need the info!"

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