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The West held hostage: Day 7

Another day, another propaganda video.

(I hardly need to point out that using prisoners for propaganda purposes and coercing "confessions" like the one above violates the rules of the Geneva Conventions. So where's the outrage? And what does the United Nations do when a country—other than the U.S. or Israel—mistreats its prisoners of war? It expresses its "wish to see an early resolution" of the crisis.)

Historian Arthur Herman has an excellent column about the sailors' kidnapping in today's New York Post:

The capture of 15 British sailors should serve as a warning. Nations cannot "opt out" of their responsibilities in the War on Terror when they feel it, like players in a pickup basketball game or cricket match.

Enemies like the mullahs and their terrorist allies recognize no time outs, no neutral ground. They see only strength and weakness, those nations they can manipulate and those they have to fear. Today they clearly feel they can pull the British lion's tail with impunity.

If the hostages are finally released unharmed, it will have a lot more to do with the presence of two American carrier groups off the Iranian coast than anything Blair is doing—and the British will have learned that what they really lost when they gave up their fleet and abandoned the fight in Iraq is their own self-respect.

So much for "Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves:/Britons never will be slaves."

Listen and weep.


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