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Useful idiot watch: Craig Murray

I'm starting a new feature here at This Isn't Writing, It's Typing—a watch on the useful idiots who aid and abet the enemies of freedom.

One recent example is former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray.

Having been removed from his post by the Foreign Office, Mr. Murray abandoned government service to become a full-time advocate for the Islamist cause in Britain. ("They accused me of being an alcoholic," he writes, "but you can't serve as a foreign diplomat without being occasionally hungover, and I certainly didn't drink any more than many very senior colleagues…. And I'm quite enjoying myself now. Being a dissident is quite fun.")

Yes, quite. Consider, for example, this "fun" headline from the Islamic Republic New Agency (IRNA) of Iran: "Iran's Arrest of British Sallors Was Legitimate, Says Former UK Envoy."

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray Monday supported Iran's decision to arrest 15 UK marines in the Persian Gulf last week.

"In international law the Iranian government were not out of order in detaining foreign military personnel in waters to which they have a legitimate claim," Murray said, who was also a previous head of Foreign Office's maritime section, carrying out negotiations on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

"For the Royal Navy, to be interdicting shipping within the twelve mile limit of territorial seas in a region they know full well is subject to maritime boundary dispute, is unnecessarily provocative," he said.

The former envoy said that this was "especially true as apparently they were not looking for weapons but for smuggled vehicles attempting to evade car duty."

"What has the evasion of Iranian or Iraqi taxes go to do with the Royal Navy?" he questioned in comments on his webpage, set up after he was sacked from his post in 2004 after criticizing British foreign policy….

He criticized the "ridiculous logic" of Prime Minister Tony Blair, saying he was creating a mess that "gets us further into trouble." The Daily Mirror, which has been an outspoken opponent of the Iraq war, reminded its readers Monday that "if the UK had never joined the disastrous invasion of Iraq, the 15 would not have been put in a position where they could be seized."
In its editorial on the incident, it also said that "US threats in the recent past to launch military strikes on Iran have inflamed tensions."

I'm sure the families of the 15 sailors now being held hostage (by what Murray himself admits are a bunch of "theocratic nutters") must be delighted that a former UK ambassador has offered his seal of approval for the unlawful seizure of a British vessel patrolling Iraqi waters.

Not surprisingly, Murray shrugs off the danger of Iran's nuclear program, saying—in what has become a commonplace of left-wing invective—that the real threat to international security is Britain's own nuclear arsenal.

"Step by step," he writes, "Iran is being set up for war. What difference does the provocation make? [My emphasis.] The determination to consolidate the oil reserves in the Caspian Basin was made more than a decade ago and is clearly articulated in the policy papers produced by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) The Bush administration is one small province away from realizing the its dream of controlling the world’s most valued resource. [Hmmm ….  But wouldn't we also have to conquer that pesky little province called Russia?] They won’t let that opportunity pass them by."

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