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Michael Ware: Not a heckler, still a useful idiot

I stand corrected.

Pace Matt Drudge, Michael Ware didn't heckle Senator McCain at the press conference. I was wrong to think ill of him in that way.

The point of my earlier post, however, wasn't Ware's presumed lack of journalistic decorum. It wasn't even his self-confessed drinking problem. (I'm pretty sure Chris Hitchens could drink Mick under the table any day of the week.)

Rather, it was his continuing crusade to sell the "war is hopelessly lost" meme, even in the face of ample evidence to the contrary. "I’m sure this jackass, consort of terrorists," writes Jules Crittenden, "does not consider himself to be ostensibly pro-al-Qaeda. Though based on the kind of remarks I’ve heard him make in interviews over the past four years, he is so virulently anti-American and pro … 'resistance fighter'  …  that the distinction is lost."

With the help of Mr. Google, Crittenden's constructed a comelling case for Ware's useful idiocy:

Here’s a brief report on several months he spent in 2003 with “resistance fighters” who wanted “foreign occupiers off their soil.”

Here he is on the propaganda insurgents used him to disseminate.  He doesn’t mind the terrorist snuff flicks, they’re fascinating, but he draws a line at putting out the hostage tapes on people who aren’t dead yet.

Here’s a lengthy blather for PBS which makes me wonder how much useful information Ware would have to offer the U.S. military that might lead to the people who have been murdering U.S. and Iraq soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

Here’s something on hanging out with “the ‘bad guys’ as people from the West and certainly Fox News likes to call them.”  That’s “you, me, a cousin, Ahmed,” not to be confused with “the American war machine” … tanks that leap out of ditches to attack him.

Michael Ware, ladies and gentlemen. The newsman more terrorists trust.

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