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Useful idiot watch: Michael Ware

CNN reporter Michael Ware—in a desperate bid to win this year's Operation Tailwind Award—heckled Senator McCain at a Baghdad news conference today.

From the Drudge Report:


Some reactions across the blogosphere …


Maybe Ware was drunk; that would be consistent with his own description of how he spends his time in Baghdad. But he is an extreme manifestation of an all too common phenomenon--the journalist as advocate rather than neutral observer. One of the many problems with a reporter who becomes an activist, agitating for a particular side of a public issue, is that he loses any hope of objectivity. Having publicly committed himself to the proposition that everything that happens in Iraq is a disaster, having publicly ridiculed those who pointed to optimistic developments, how can anyone trust that Ware's future reporting is giving us anything like the straight story from Iraq? And what does his conduct say about his employer, CNN? How much confidence can we have in their reporting from Baghdad, or anywhere else?


I don't have any evidence that Michael Ware was ever hinged, but he is certainly Unhinged now. I covered his recent tour bleating on the cable news shows in the Friday Freefly, but he seems to have decided to become a one man clown car. The very idea that a media jackal would feel empowered enough to sass a US Senator and war hero is sad. Michael Ware may have four years lying drunk under his bed in his Green Zone hotel, I don't think the Hanoi Hilton, and the other lovely places John McCain spent five years suffering in had room service.

It is sadly unsurprising that the senior member of CNN's "News" team in Baghdad is such a blatant advocate for defeat. But you'd like to think there is someone left at CNN who at least wants to pretend at impartiality. I just wonder whether Ware thinks the folks he is rooting for will keep him supplied with booze, probably right up to when they saw his head off his shoulders. Idiot!

Ace of Spades:

He seems to be heavily invested in mocking any war-supporting politician who suggests the surge is working.

Which, you know, it is, at least for now. But I guess Michael Ware has trouble seeing that from the lounge at the Intercontinental Hotel.


Ah, maybe it is time for CNN to find a reporter that can function sober. CNN should be able to find someone to replace Ware—unless his type of reporting is exactly what they want.

Eason! Thou shouldst be living at this hour! CNN hath need of thee …

(Oh, wait … he is.)

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