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Where the hell is Bobby Levinson?


Could it get any more confusing?

Trento and DEBKA claim he's in Iraq. The U.S. and Iran both say they've got no clue where he might be. Iran's PressTV (who first broke the story he'd been detained) said he was out of the country, then a day later said they weren't sure.

Understandably, Bobby Levinson's family and friends just want answers:

His wife, Christine Levinson, issued a statement to The Associated Press this weekend in which she conveyed her frustration with the agonizing ordeal.

"My husband, Bob Levinson, is still missing. We, his family, have not heard from him since March 8, and the silence is unbearable," she said.

"Right now, we are living a nightmare. We need Bob to come home to us. We are aware of all the rumors out there which have raised our hopes, only to have them crushed by the reality that we still have no information. We are asking anyone who has any information of any kind to please let us know."

The "rumors" appear to be a reference to reports that Levinson left Iran recently and was turned over to U.S. officials.

DEBKA, in a story posted yesterday, continued to insist he'd been released last week:

Tehran was clearly miffed at Washington’s failure to reciprocate by freeing at least one of the five Revolutionary Guards officers held in Iraq, for the former FBI agent Robert Levinson held from March 11, whom Iran released Tuesday, May 1.

But if Bobby Levinson's in U.S. custody and the Sharm el-Sheik conflab has folded its tent, why has his family still not heard from him?

His wife is right: It's a nightmare.

Don't forget to sign the Free Bobby! petition.

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