The best kept secret in fitness training?

I'm hardly the first person to discover the TRX Suspension Trainer from Fitness Anywhere, but the more I work with it—and learn about it—the more I wonder why it isn't better known.

Yes, it's been featured on The Biggest Loser. And yes, the Super Bowl-winning Pittsburgh Steelers train with it. (See what Steeler trainer Marcel Pastoor has to say about it above.)

But you won't TRX gear in your local sporting goods store (at least not here in Pittsburgh). Fortunately, they have an excellent web store (and very prompt service). And the quality of the instructional materials that accompany the equipment is second to none.

I love the fact that you can throw the whole thing into an overnight bag and never have to worry about whether or not your hotel has a fitness center. And you can enjoy exercising outside when the weather's nice (try doing that with your Bowflex).

If you're looking to get or stay in shape, I think it's one of the best investments you can make.

Have a look.

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Hope-I-Die-Before-I-Get-Old Dept.


Bill Gates spoke at The Wall Street Journal's D:Conference ("D" as in "Digital") this week.

In a blog post about the presentation, Weblogs, Inc., founder (and erstwhile dotcom poster boy) Jason Calacanis, 35, mused: "Wow, this guy's been building the same piece of software for over 20 years, and he is still excited about it—that's pretty cool."

There's nothing to suggest Calacanis meant it as anything other than a compliment, but, well … ouch.

Calacanis also offered this further reflection on Gates, 50: "He does seem very happy and at peace."

Sounds like something you'd say about someone you'd just visited in a hospice.

I suppose that must be one of the hazards of running your business at the speed of thought for all those years.

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